Dime Bar Cheesecake


Sweet, sweet cheesecake, you are so kind to us – quick, simple and no faffy baking. Yes it’s true, we love you because you’re easy (don’t take it to heart), but damn you’re so darn tasty! This dottycakegirl original recipe is rich, crunchy, chocolatey and sweeter than a strawberry in summer, and I’m betting that you’ll make this more than just the once…Maybe because you keep the first one all to yourself… Hey, I’m not judging you! That’s just your conscience talking… Continue reading

Real Fruit Ice-lollies

IMG_1246-1Picture the scene: A gorgeous summer’s day, the sun is beating down on you, relaxing on your sun lounger, reading a book, sipping a cocktail… Paradise…Then boom, back to reality, the kids are running riot round the garden, kicking balls in your prized flower beds, shouting/ fighting/ arguing… So all you need to do is keep these lollies in your freezer, and use them as gobstoppers! That’s five more minutes uninterrupted, silent bliss for you!!! (I know, I’m good to you!) Continue reading

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies

IMG_1301-1These peanut butter brownies are a dottycakegirl original recipe, tried and tested- and I love them! Even though they’re not on my diet…Well, they’re not on anybody’s diet to be honest. So maybe keep it down to four slices a day (I saw you!). Some words of advice: keep your windows shut. Because once these bad boys come out the oven you’ll have all your weirdo neighbours popping round. Stay strong, don’t waste them on just anybody, save them for people you can blackmail later…

Continue reading

Hazelnut & Chocolate Chip Cookies

IMG_1180-1¬†Crisp on the outside, doughy on the inside, packed with crunchy hazelnuts and soft chocolate chips. You’ll wish you made more; because they’ll be gone before you know it! Maybe you’ll share them, maybe you won’t. I won’t judge you either way. But one thing is for sure, I bet you eat your first one whilst it’s still piping hot. You won’t regret it, these cookies are worth burning your mouth for! Continue reading

Pecan & Banana Sticky Mini-loaves


This is such a quick simple bake that will have your friends and family singing your praises! You don’t need to tell them that all you did was stick it in a bowl and whizz it together. Yes, it really is as simple as that! These mini loaves are packed with banana, pecan nuts, and drizzled with a sticky lemon syrup. Yum. Yum. Share them with all your loved ones, unless they’re nut allergic. Because no one likes anaphylaxis at elevenses… Continue reading