Dime Bar Cheesecake


Sweet, sweet cheesecake, you are so kind to us – quick, simple and no faffy baking. Yes it’s true, we love you because you’re easy (don’t take it to heart), but damn you’re so darn tasty! This dottycakegirl original recipe is rich, crunchy, chocolatey and sweeter than a strawberry in summer, and I’m betting that you’ll make this more than just the once…Maybe because you keep the first one all to yourself… Hey, I’m not judging you! That’s just your conscience talking…

Another victim of  conglomerate re-branding the old faithful Dime Daim bar may have changed names but it’s the same as ever- if you’ve got a lose filling you need shifting; this bad boy will beat the dentist to it. Now let’s be frank; this recipe might call for low fat cream cheese, but there’s no getting away from the fact that there’s 12 Dime bars in it… And then one crumbled over the top… Just for posterity and presentation purposes you understand! Your waistline will NEVER forget it, but it’s totally worth it!

The stars of the show

  • 280g Lightest cream cheese
  • 500g Mascarpone
  • 75g Icing sugar
  • ½tbsp Vanilla bean paste
  • 260g Chocolate Hob-nobs
  • 75g Salted butter
  • 13 Daim bars

Working the magic

  • Melt the salted butter and leave to cool.
  • Line the base of a spring-form tin with grease-proof paper. (My tin is a 23cm/ 9ins).
  • Blitz the chocolate Hob-nobs in a food processor till they’re crumb sized. Alternatively, put them in a clean food bag and batter them with a rolling pin.
  • Mix the biscuit crumbs with the butter, making sure they’re coated evenly. Put this mixture into the tin, press down firmly until level and put in the fridge for half an hour.
  • Take 12 Daim bars and break them up and place in a food processor, blitz them for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • In a large bowl mix the mascarpone, cream cheese, vanilla bean paste and icing sugar (by hand or in a mixer).
  • Mix in the Daim pieces by hand, and cover the biscuit base with the cheesecake mixture.
  • Just before serving the cheesecake, roughly chop your last Daim bar and scatter over the cheesecake.

This cheesecake will need a good few hours in the fridge to firm up a little. Ideally if time permits you should leave it over night; those gorgeous flecks of nutty caramel turn all gooey – yum yum!!!  Only thing to remember is to warn nut allergy sufferers that the Daim bars contain almonds; as microscopic as those nuts are you don’t want any hospital trips at your next BBQ!

I hope you enjoy this recipe (I’m pretty confident you will) it’s super easy and it is such a crowd pleaser, if you do make it please leave your comments below – I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!

Happy no-baking!!! Xxx


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