What to expect from the dottycakegirl…

So I sat down and had a good think about how I wanted this blog to be, and how I didn’t want it to be and came up with some promises- a bit like a Brownie Girl Guide promise, but because it’s me I’ve made it  the ‘chocolate brownie promise’!!!

I promise to share with you:

  • New baking recipes, tried and tested. Luxurious, low-fat, allergen free and no-bakes included.
  • Wedding DIY tutorials that get you excited and don’t break the bank.
  • The newest trends in cake decorating, and step by step instructions on how to achieve them.
  • Seasonal bakes to make the best use of fruit and vegetable crops.
  • Top tips on how to start and run a cake decorating business- I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to!!!
  • The latest  looks and trends from the wedding industry and how to incorporate them in your wedding.
  • Interviews with established and up and coming cake designers.

I promise not to:

  • Take pictures of ingredients in fancy-schmancy bowls- I’m pretty sure you know what weighed out ingredients look like!
  • Tell you it’s an easy recipe, when it’s blatantly high-faff!
  • Try and make you believe I’m a super-goddess who juggles home life, full time work and a business without a care. I am certainly no wonder woman, or smug-all-rounder!
  • Make recipes that call for  ridiculously unobtainable ingredients like yak’s milk or hummingbird’s eggs!
  • Judge you for having a ready meal or take-away when you are making a three-tiered cake- ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

So let the blogging commence! 

Soph x

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