About Me

Hi I’m Sophie, you can call me Soph! I live in Lincolnshire in the UK, in a small market town nestled in  the hills and surrounded by rolling fields, full of wildlife and the latest season’s crops.  

Why dottycakegirl? Well, I love me some polka dots and I may at some point (many points) have been accused of being a bit dotty! My passions are baking and cake decorating, I love anything wedding related, crafts, floristry and gardening.

My background is varied to say the least! I have been a barmaid, cleaner, shop assistant, receptionist and most recently I have worked in healthcare.  I started cake decorating five years ago when a friend asked me to make her 30th Birthday cake, and I caught the bug! The dream for me is to have my own cake shop one day, but for now I’m working hard to build my cake decorating business from home.

I started this blog as a way to channel my many thoughts, as an outlet for my creativity and as a way of sharing with you- and most importantly as a way for you to share with me!

So please join me, try the recipes and give me your honest feedback. Make the DIYs and show me your pictures. Share with me your successes and also your failures- and I will be entirely honest about mine! Send me your ideas and new things I’ve not seen before. After all, it would be a bit lonely if it were just me on this blog!

Thanks for stopping by and please come again!!!

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