Real Fruit Ice-lollies

IMG_1246-1Picture the scene: A gorgeous summer’s day, the sun is beating down on you, relaxing on your sun lounger, reading a book, sipping a cocktail… Paradise…Then boom, back to reality, the kids are running riot round the garden, kicking balls in your prized flower beds, shouting/ fighting/ arguing… So all you need to do is keep these lollies in your freezer, and use them as gobstoppers! That’s five more minutes uninterrupted, silent bliss for you!!! (I know, I’m good to you!) Continue reading

Lady Grey Tea Loaf




This tea loaf is just the thing if you’ve got a hankering for fruit cake, but don’t want to wait three months to eat it! Lovely plump juicy raisins, dates and glace cherries soaked in citrus Lady Grey tea makes every mouthful a pleasure. Another dottycakegirl original recipe, I really love this one and did I mention it’s fat free? Great! That gives you free rein to lather it in butter. You can thank me later.

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